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4th Annual LEARNING WORLD 2010

February 2010, Hong Kong

Expecting number of delegate : 80 delegates Brief description of the event : Manage Uncertainties & Changes While Heading Towards Recovery

The 3-...

HR 360 Malaysia 2009

Dear Colleague,

It is inevitable that companies will be forced to retrench and lose talent during this challenging economic situation. We all know that.

But how can you minimize the effect of unavoidable retrenchment to your team, and m...

HR Revolution 2009

Event Overview

Human Resource is the most important asset of any organization. An organization will not be able to sustain its business without an effective pool of workforce. Today, as the economic situation worsens, it becomes an even...

Strategic Talent Management & Succession Planning


“How to Attract, Develop, Retain and Engage High Potentials and Other Talented People tough times today”

Date: 7th- 8th May 2009
Venue: Jakarta, Indonesia