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The 5S Method

What is The 5S Method
In a metal manufacturing setting, the Kaizen 5S scheme, which is an arrangement of five Japanese words beginning with the letter ”S” can be implemented for the shop floor.

The first ”S” is â€...

Quality Planning

Any project should have a quality plan. In reality, very few do. The two main reasons people don’t produce a project quality plan are: It’s too difficult and they are overwhelmed by the jargon of quality in relation to compliance with s...

Kanban System

Kanban (kahn-bahn) is Japanese word that when translated literally means “visible record” or “visible part”. In general context, it refers to a signal of some kind. Thus, in the manufacturing environment, kanbans are signa...


Lean Six Sigma is also referred to as Lean manufacturing, Lean enterprise, Lean service, etc. Lean has been successfully put to use in different industries ranging from manufacturing to service, and sometimes even by customer service centers.
The ...