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In lean manufacturing there are many techniques but now we will talk about taguchi methods (equation).In 1989, the Japanese engineer, Dr. Genichi Taguchi was awarded the prestigious Purple Ribbon by the emperor of Japan for his contribution to the de...

What is Value Stream Mapping?

Value stream mapping is often used at the outset of a lean program to identify the current process within an organization. Strictly speaking Value stream mapping is used to map information and materials through a production process – but it ca...

Total Quality Management

TQM is a total quality management system. Based on practical experiences and people have a technique instructing how to improve the performance quality of the work.

According to ISO 9000, ”Total Quality Management (TQM) is a management a...

What is Quality?

When we talk with business owners about their company vision and values, we often hear them speak about quality. They say things like:

”We offer quality products”
”Quality is important to us”

When I ask them...