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Delanit Consulting
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Jl. Sungai Gerong No.15 Jakarta Pusat 10230
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Delanit Consulting adalah suatu lembaga konsultan Indonesian yang bergerak dalam pengembangan SDM.
Pendekatan & konsep didasarkan pada keahlian untuk membantu perusahaan dalam menemukan solusi dan pengembangan potensi sumber daya manusia.


DELANIT Consulting is an Indonesian company specializing in the area of human potential.was established in 2000

Our approach & concepts are based on extensive expertise from Indonesian personnel to assist your company in finding simple solutions & develop human potential.

On our projects we use combination of experience & knowledge with local practices & methodologies, incorporating world class performance.

To be the primary Indonesian Human Resources Development specialist working together with your company in finding simple solutions and the development of human potential.

To provide a professional service in Human Resource Development so that your company can fully appreciate the benefits as a result of working together with consulting.

We take great pride in our people world class performance through staff development & recruitment. Partner clients to develop unique solutions always deliver.


* Ability to identify & implement the best methodologies for your company.
* Solid financial & technical base.
* Qualified experience staff with a fresh new approach & attitude.
* Roll up our sleeves & work directly with both staff & management to gain the best long term results


Our people is our greatest assets. We believe that the only way to create value for our clients is through quality people. That is the reason why we only recruit exceptional people who demonstrate character, talent and the capacity to grow, both professionally and personally. We value diversity in talent, experience, skill and background that enhance the capabilities of our firm to exceed our client’s expectation


We assist companies to make a quantum leap in performance.
Whe have tools and resources to help in all phaases of ofganizational improvement:

* Assesment
* Planning
* Measurement
* Implementation
* Training & Developing
* Continuous Improvement
* Human Resources Consultancy


* Workshop
* Survey & Research
* Coaching & Counseling

* MDP (Management Development Program)
* Service Quality
* Mapping HR

* Carrier Development
* Competency Development
* Compensation Management

* Recruitment & Selection
* Employee Evaluating